Distinguished Alumni Inductees

2023 Inductees

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  • Karen Giese

    BS CE 1998, MS 2001
    International impact and leadership in the transportation industry, development of innovative transportation methodologies
    Inducted 2023

  • Scott Higgins

    BS ConE 1983, MS 1985
    Innovation in the construction industry, distinguished leadership on high-impact projects
    Inducted 2023

Past Inductees

  • Ronald G. Burg

    BS CE 1977
    Distinguished leadership and innovation in the concrete industry through consulting and the American Concrete Institute
    Inducted 2022

  • Michael J. Conzett

    BS CE 1976, MS CE 1978
    Impact on public health and safety and environmental issues, and leadership in national professional organizations
    Inducted 2022

  • Beth Duyvejonck

    BS ConE 1997
    Influence and leadership in construction engineering and construction education, strong advocate for women
    Inducted 2022

  • Pamela K. Harman

    BS ConE 1979
    National leadership in inspiring women in STEM, and as outreach frontrunner for NASA and innovative curriculum expertise
    Inducted 2022

  • Jack F. McGuire

    BS CE 1963
    Expertise in structural engineering, development of aircraft design and analysis, and leadership in the engineering industry
    Inducted 2022

  • Max Porter

    BS CE 1965, MS CE, PhD CE
    International impact in structural engineering, notable contributions to education, research, professional societies
    Inducted 2022

  • Norman Riis

    BS CE 1961
    International leadership in civil engineering, and strong impact on regional construction as the leader of Story Construction
    Inducted 2022

  • Rudy J. Tekippe

    BS 1965, MS 1966
    International expert in environmental engineering, implementation of wastewater management, and innovative design development
    Inducted 2022

  • Charles WilsonShelley Mayne Wolff

    BS CE 1980
    National leader in civil engineering, expert in project management training and implementation, and advocate for women in engineering
    Inducted 2022

  • Ben BillerBenjamin J. Biller

    BS CE 1981, MS CE 1982
    Executive leadership in management and project performance, impact on bridge and transportation engineering, and influencing the next generation of engineers
    Inducted 2021

  • Jeff ColemanJeffrey W. Coleman

    BS CE 1976, MS CE 1977
    National leadership and influence in the concrete industry, construction law, and the engineering profession
    Inducted 2021

  • Michael GoodkindMichael N. Goodkind

    MS CE 1967
    Leadership in the architecture, engineering and construction industries through a premiere consulting firm, and cultivating an elevated standard of quality and innovation
    Inducted 2021

  • Charles WilsonCharles W. Wilson

    BS CE 1941
    Leadership, innovation and expansion of a regional company in the structural precast and architectural industries, and active engagement in local community
    Inducted 2021