Learning Communities & Academic Centers

ISU CCEE learning communities are a great resource for young engineers. You’ll make friends with fellow classmates in your major, find teams for studying and working on group projects, and explore networking and job opportunities. Our learning communities take job site tours, have peer mentors, attend nationally-renowned career fairs, and hear from industry professionals during established meeting times and field trips.
ISU CCEE has three learning communities: Civil Engineering Keystone, Construction Engineering Cornerstone and Environmental Engineering. Each freshman takes part in his or her program’s learning community. Have questions about our learning communities? Visit the websites featured below for more information and to contact learning community representatives.

  • Civil Engineering Keystone

    Civil Engineering Keystone is the civil engineering learning community at Iowa State University and is open to civil engineering majors only.

  • Construction Engineering Cornerstone

    Construction Engineering Cornerstone is the construction engineering learning community at Iowa State University and is open to construction engineering majors and other students with the permission of instructors.

  • Environmental Engineering Learning Community

    The Environmental Engineering Learning Community is open to environmental engineering majors.