The Hall of Fame is a lifetime achievement award and is reserved for those that stand above the rest in their chosen field. Their accomplishments are marked by outstanding and consistent national and potentially international recognition in professional achievement and service.

2024 Inductees

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James Hoover portrait

James M. (Jim) Hoover

BS CE 1953, MS 1956

National impact in geotechnical engineering and academia, renowned for groundbreaking research, academic excellence and leadership
Inducted 2024

Rick Tollakson

Rick Tollakson

BS ConE 1976

Transformative leadership and excellence in real estate and construction, dedication to industry education and community impact
Inducted 2024

2023 Inductees

  • Ahmad Abu-Hawash

    MS CE 1993

    Nationwide impact and leadership in bridge engineering, significant contributions to bridge engineering research

    Inducted 2023

  • David Fox

    BS CE 1964, MS 1965

    International impact in environmental engineering, leadership for the wastewater industry
    Inducted 2023

  • Dale S. Harrington

    BS CE 1972

    Nationwide impact in the concrete pavement industry, leader in design and construction manuals
    Inducted 2023

Past Inductees

  • Craig K. Denny

    BS CE 1971, MS 1973

    Nationwide impact investigating and solving geotechnical problems and executive leadership in geotechnical and civil engineering
    Inducted 2022

  • Richard L. Handy

    PhD CE 1956

    International expert in geotechnical engineering with an entrepreneurial perspective and teaching excellence
    Inducted 2022

  • Jeff A. Smith

    BS ConE 1983

    Nationwide construction leadership and management, impact with real estate development, and Construction Engineering program
    Inducted 2022

  • Rao Y. Surampalli

    PhD CE 1985

    International leadership and development of innovative/sustainable environmental technologies for social good and global sustainability
    Inducted 2022

  • Thomas AggThomas R. Agg

    BS CE 1911

    National impact on the transportation industry and highway development, and key contributions to industry education and research
    Inducted 2021

  • Delmar BloemDelmar L. Bloem

    BS CE 1943

    National impact on concrete and aggregate topics, building codes, and operation of ready mixed concrete production plants certification program
    Inducted 2021

  • Henry BrunnierHenry J. Brunnier

    BS CE 1904

    National leadership and key contributions in earthquake resistant design, including a significant role in helping approve designs for the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge in 1936
    Inducted 2021

  • Joel CerwickJoel A. Cerwick

    BS CE 1966, MS 1968

    Innovative and visionary leadership in improving public health and infrastructure, advancing wastewater treatment systems internationally, and establishing a national firm
    Inducted 2021

  • Jack CleasbyJohn “Jack” L. Cleasby

    PhD CE 1960
    International impact on environmental engineering profession, leadership in teaching excellence, and as the first ISU faculty member inducted into the National Academy of Engineering
    Inducted 2021

  • Roy CrumRoy W. Crum

    BS CE 1907
    National impact on the transportation industry and research in materials and highway construction and innovative leadership in the Iowa State Highway Commission
    Inducted 2021

  • Nathaniel FoxNathaniel S. Fox

    MS CE 1966, PhD CE 1966
    International recognition in geotechnical engineering leadership and innovation, and in the creation of the Geopier system
    Inducted 2021

  • Frank FrancoisFrancis “Frank” B. Francois

    BS Eng 1956
    National leadership in establishing the Strategic Highway Research Program in the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials, and in transportation research
    Inducted 2021

  • Mary HurdMary K. Hurd

    BS CE 1947
    International expertise in concrete formwork design and construction, authoring a landmark publication used nationally and internationally, and contributions to construction education
    Inducted 2021

  • Sandra LarsonSandra Q. Larson

    BS CE 1988
    Distinguished achievement and innovative contributions to transportation research, policy and the profession, while heavily engaged in leadership in numerous national organizations
    Inducted 2021

  • Thomas MacdonaldThomas H. MacDonald

    BS CE 1904
    Key contributions in shaping the nation’s highway and road systems, leading an era of highway progress unheard of at the time, and establishing a professional highway commission for the state of Iowa
    Inducted 2021

  • Anson MarstonAnson Marston

    Honorary PhD CE 1948
    Key in establishing the Iowa State Highway Commission, international authority on water and sewer system design, outstanding educator, and first Iowa State engineering dean
    Inducted 2021

  • Conde McCulloughConde B. McCullough

    BS CE 1910
    One of the great bridge designers known for their architectural beauty and international leadership, and instrumental in developing standard bridge and culvert plans for highway projects
    Inducted 2021

  • Tom MurrayThomas M. Murray

    BS CE 1962
    International expertise in structural steel education and research with significant impact on the economics, design and safety of steel framed buildings
    Inducted 2021

  • Jim NissenJames A. Nissen

    BS ConE 1981
    Significant contributions to the advancement of operation management in commercial and institutional construction, and to the Iowa State University Construction Engineering program
    Inducted 2021

  • Jerry OlsonGerald R. Olson

    MS CE 1958
    Outstanding expertise, leadership and impact in geotechnical engineering industry, significant contributions to education and research, and founder of a national top 500 engineering firm
    Inducted 2021

  • Len RodmanLen C. Rodman

    BS CE 1971, MS 1973
    Leadership of a global engineering and construction company, technical excellence, and investment initiatives in research for sustainable and global infrastructure
    Inducted 2021

  • Dirk SchaferDirk Schafer

    BS ConE 1980
    Leadership and company management in construction engineering, and contributions to the Iowa State University Construction Engineering program
    Inducted 2021

  • Harris SeidelHarris F. Seidel

    BS CE 1944, PhD 1959
    International impact and dedication to the water profession, diligent efforts in providing better water in Iowa and the world, and instrumental in the formation of the Association of Boards of Certification
    Inducted 2021

  • Merlin SpanglerMerlin G. Spangler

    BS CE 1919
    Substantial contributions in early technical developments in geotechnical engineering, and as an international authority and premier researcher on underground conduits and sewer systems
    Inducted 2021

  • Dan WatkinsDaniel J. Watkins

    BS CE 1947
    Leadership and profound effect on the profession, local and national communities, bridge design, and transportation design industry
    Inducted 2021

  • Elmina WilsonElmina Wilson

    BS CE 1892, MS 1894
    National contributions to structural engineering, dedication to engineering education, and paving the way for women in engineering
    Inducted 2021

  • GirouxRaymond “Paul” Giroux

    BS ConE 1979

    Technical achievement and excellence as a civil engineering historian

    Inducted: 2018

  • PepperDavid Pepper

    BS ConE 1985

    Leadership in Chicago and Midwest commercial and institutional construction

    Inducted: 2017

  • chaseJerry Chase

    PhD CE 1983, MS CE 1962

    Leadership in teaching excellence and quality management in construction

    Inducted: 2015

  • DeStigterGlenn H. DeStigter

    BS ConE 1966

    Leadership in commercial and institutional construction in Iowa and the nation

    Inducted: 2014

  • Jack Gethmann

    BS ConE 1963

    Innovative leadership in Midwest industrial construction, member of the first Construction Engineering class

    Inducted: 2012

  • GethmannKen Gethmann

    Industry leadership and key contribution in the establishment of the Construction Engineering program

    Inducted: 2012

  • GreenwoodDon Greenwood

    BS CE 1976

    Leadership and excellence in developing a world-class design-build organization

    Inducted: 2015

  • JellingerThomas C. Jellinger

    First Professor-in-Charge of the Construction Engineering program who established a rigorous, practical educational program with a family feel

    Inducted: 2010

  • KlingerWilliam A. Klinger

    Iowa construction leader and national crusader for Construction Engineering education, including the founding of the Construction Engineering program

    Inducted: 2010

  • LewisKen Lewis

    BS CE 1935

    Key facilitator of industry support in the founding of the Construction Engineering program and as a construction trade association leader in Iowa

    Inducted: 2010

  • PetersonCork Peterson

    BS ConE 1966

    Leading innovation in heavy civil and geo-construction and instigating the heavy/highway emphasis in Construction Engineering

    Inducted: 2013