CCEE Hall of Fame


Industry leadership and key contribution in the establishment of the Construction Engineering program

Inducted: 2012

Ken Gethmann received his bachelor’s degree from Cornell College in 1934 and began his professional career as a masonry contractor. He founded Gethmann Construction Company which was incorporated in 1937. Gethmann served as president of his company for 40 years.


In his professional career, Gethmann was active in many community and professional councils and committees. He served as president of the Master Builders of Iowa (MBI) and a member of the Board of Directors and Education Committee chairman in the 1950s. Gethmann was the second to receive the MBI Build Iowa award in 1991.


Gethmann was instrumental in the establishment and recognition of the construction engineering program at Iowa State. He lobbied MBI to support and recognize the construction curriculum; He even appointed Thomas C. Jellinger as the first construction engineering professor. Throughout his career, Gethmann continued to be a champion for construction engineering.