Rick Tollakson
CCEE Hall of Fame

Transformative leadership and excellence in real estate and construction, dedication to industry education and community impact

Inducted 2024

Rick Tollakson started at Iowa State in 1971, where he found his path in construction engineering and received his bachelor’s in 1976. He continued his education with a master’s in business administration from the University of Iowa. Upon graduation, Tollakson went into commercial and industrial development, quickly building his career and reputation with successful projects and community connections.

His comprehensive understanding of both business and engineering propelled his career. Joining Hubbell Realty Company in 1984, he spearheaded numerous large-scale projects, guided technical teams and mentored colleagues, attaining the role of president and CEO in 2004.

Tollakson’s leadership and project excellence have driven Hubbell Realty to success, transforming a small development company into one of Iowa’s premier real estate and construction companies. Even before the title of president and CEO, Tollakson’s success was substantial; he was one of three individuals to earn the Young Alumnus Award from Iowa State in 1992. Hubbell Realty has expanded under his leadership operating in three states and many cities across the Midwest.

Tollakson’s success in his construction and real estate career enabled him to give back to the communities in which he, his team and his projects call home. He leads the Hubbell Extreme Build series which completed 5 major projects over 15 years, helping thousands of Iowans through various builds for families in need and nonprofit organizations. He also is a board member of the Iowa Confluence (ICON) Water Trails Project, the Greater Des Moines Partnership, and the Association of Business and Industry (ABI).  Tollakson’s dedication and contribution to the development of Iowa’s business climate and impact on Iowans in need earned his induction to the Iowa Business Hall of Fame in 2023.

Sparked by his time at Iowa State, Tollakson has a passion for trade and construction education. Under his leadership, Hubbell Homes joined The Skilled Trade Alliance & Academy in 2016, a program aimed at gaining middle and high school interest in the skilled trades. Individually, he belongs to many professional, community, and philanthropic organizations. The importance of construction engineering education is seen in his continued involvement with Iowa State and CCEE, such as having served on the Construction Engineering Industry Advisory Council.