CCEE Hall of Fame

Technical achievement and excellence as a civil engineering historian

Inducted: 2018

Paul Giroux started his construction engineering career before he graduated high school. He worked summers as a laborer at Kiewit Corporation. After high school, he started his construction engineering degree at Iowa State and continued to work at Kiewit as an engineering intern. After graduating in 1979, he started full time employment there.

Giroux worked for Kiewit for four decades, and in his time there, he played a key role in construction of many famous projects, including the McHenry Tunnel in Baltimore, the new San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge, and many hydroelectric powerhouses. He is credited with 11 major projects among seven different states.

He is a student advocate; he presented more than 200 lectures and seminars at more than 60 engineering schools. Giroux also served on the Iowa State Civil Engineering External Advisory Council for many years.

In his career, Giroux served on many professional boards in the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) and was elected as a distinguished member in 2016. As well as being a bright engineer, he is a passionate historian. He has seven works ranging from engineering research to historical research of the most iconic constructions like the Golden Gate Bridge and the Brooklyn Bridge.