CCEE Hall of Fame

Dirk Schafer

Leadership and company management in construction engineering, and contributions to the Iowa State University Construction Engineering program

Inducted 2021

Dirk Schafer’s construction engineering career started in Algona, Iowa. He worked construction in the summers rather than the usual farm jobs like his peers due to allergies.

Schafer was the first to go to college on his father’s side of the family, and after graduation, he went to work for JE Dunn for 9 years. After 7 years at Walsh Construction in Chicago, he came back to JE Dunn as the vice president, senior vice president, COO, and finally, the president of the Midwest region.

Schafer served as a board member at the Kansas City Metropolitan Crime Commission, the University of Kansas Hospital, the ISU Construction Engineering Industry Advisory Council, and as a chairman of the Builders’ Association. He is known as a hands-off manager that empowers his employees and leads with integrity.