Concurrent Programs

Concurrent Programs

Options for counting graduate credit for BS and MS/MEng degree programs
  1. Keep undergraduate status until BS graduation.

    • Undergraduate students are allowed to complete up to 6 credits of graduate coursework that can later count for a graduate degree.
    • Students can apply for a graduate program for any time after BS graduation (Refer to CCEE Admission Requirements).
    • This is the best option for students who are relying on undergraduate scholarships.
    • Students will pay undergraduate tuition and fees.
  2. Become a graduate student before BS graduation.

    • This overlap of the BS and MS degree programs is the Concurrent program (see detailed description below).
    • Students are allowed up to 6 graduate credits they can count for both the BS and MS degree programs during the Concurrent period.
    • Students will pay graduate tuition and fees.
  3. In both options, graduate coursework can be completed for Engineering Topic or Design Elective requirements in the undergraduate program.

Concurrent BS/MS program

A concurrent bachelor of science/master of science (B.S./M.S.) degree program is available to qualified seniors at Iowa State University.

Benefits of the CCEE concurrent degree program
  • Opportunity to begin research for graduate degree in the senior year
  • Potential to use up to six graduate-level credits to simultaneously meet both undergraduate and graduate degree program requirements during the period of concurrent enrollment
  • Students are eligible for a teaching or research assistantship
  • The teaching or research assistantship may include a monthly stipend amount and a tuition scholarship
To be eligible for the concurrent degree program in civil engineering, a student must meet the following criteria:

  • Have a minimum GPA of 3.2
  • Be within two semesters of graduation
  • Be able to satisfy all graduation requirements for the B.S. when the student is within the last 30 credits of graduation
Application Process

Juniors and seniors interested in graduate study should:

  • Decide upon a focus area of interest.
  • Visit with a faculty member they are interested in working with to discuss teaching or research assistant opportunities (CCEE Faculty directory by Focus Area).
  • Apply for the Concurrent program when within the last 30 credits of graduation (usually the last 2 semesters).
  • Deadline is January 15th for the next fall semester and August 15 for the next spring semester for first consideration for assistantships. NOTE: apps submitted after the deadline are accepted, but may or may not be included in assistantship consideration.
  • Complete Phase 1 (Preapplication) of the ISU Admissions application (this is free). You have an admissions account from when you started your BS degree. Log into this account, click on New Application, and choose the Graduate, degree seeking application.
  • In your preapplication, a Statement of Purpose (SOP) is required. In your statement, identify that you are a concurrent applicant, and provide the names of 3 people who will be your recommenders. If your recommenders are CCEE faculty, they do not need to submit a letter of recommendation.  If your recommender is outside CCEE, please give them the LOR Form to complete and send it to Dawn Miller
  • The GRE will not be required because you will be a graduate of the CCEE department.
  • International students will not be required to take the TOEFL or IELTS because they will graduate from a US institution.
  • Your preapplication materials will be reviewed by CCEE faculty in your area of interest and the CCEE Director of Graduate Education (DOGE).
Beginning the program
  • Identify major professor from faculty in specialization of interest.
  • Plan program with undergraduate advisor and major professor to identify coursework that will complete BS degree requirements and meet MS degree requirements.
  • Document coursework completed for both programs using the Transfer of Courses for Concurrent Bachelor’s/Graduate Degrees. Until this form is submitted, the coursework will only appear on the graduate transcript.
  • After BS graduation, continue the graduate program according to the Master’s degree requirements as described in the CCEE Graduate Handbook, Section 4.1.
Detailed benefits

Graduate Assistantship Benefits

  • Assistantships are jobs doing teaching or research for a faculty member.
  • Concurrent students are eligible for a ¼ time (10 hrs/week) or ½ time (20 hrs/week) assistantship appointment.
  • Students on assistantship receive a stipend (salary), in-state (residential) tuition, and tuition scholarship equal to the ¼ or ½ time of their appointment.
  • For additional benefit information; refer to the CCEE Graduate Handbook, Section 11.7.

Registration priority
Graduate students get to register for classes before undergraduates.


Graduate students on assistantship are assigned office/desk space if needed.

Faster degree completion

  • Students on research assistantship appointments during the senior year can reduce the time to complete the MS degree after BS graduation.
  • Students interested in research are encouraged to complete a summer research internship after the junior year.

Concurrent BS/MBA degree in engineering

College of Business concurrent MBA in engineering