Graduate Program Admissions for CCEE Undergrads

  • Master of Engineering (coursework only)
  • Master of Science, either Thesis (research), or Creative Component (professional project)
  • PhD

  • Construction Engineering & Management
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Intelligent Infrastructure Engineering (MS, PhD only)
  • Civil Engineering Materials
  • Structural Engineering
  • Transportation Engineering
  • Water Resources Engineering
  • No specialization option

  • The following College of Business graduate courses are available to CCEE grad students as electives to their Civil Engineering degree program.
    • All courses are online.
    • Register in AccessPlus:
      • MGMT 503: Professional Responsibility in Business & Society (Alternating fall semesters)
      • MGMT 583: Formulating & Implementing Innovation Strategies (Every spring semester)
      • FIN 501: Financial Valuation and Corporate Financial Decisions (Alternating spring semesters)
      • MKT 501: Marketing  (Alternating fall semesters)
    • To register, your major professor must contact to request for you.
      • ACCT 581: Accounting for Decision Making (Every spring semester)
      • SCM 524: Strategic Process Analysis & Improvement (Every fall semester)

  • Get a job doing research as an undergraduate! This is a great way to help you decide if you want to pursue a research-related graduate degree (MS, PhD).
  • Gain experience that can help you get a research assistantship as a graduate student!
  • For more information, see the Undergraduate Research Program

  • 500-level courses are accepted as Technical Electives for BS degree.
  • Up to 6 credits of 500-level courses completed as an undergrad can count for master’s degree later.
  • Any courses that are dual listed as 400/500 must be completed as 500 level.
  • No 400-level courses completed as an undergrad can be double counted.
    • After graduate admission, one 400-level course is allowed, but must be outside specialization area.

  • Concurrent is the overlap of bachelors’ & masters’ degree programs. Students can be in concurrent status within the last 30 credits of their bachelor program.
  • During Concurrent status, students are considered graduate students.
  • Up to 6 credits of 500-level courses taken during concurrent status (completed as a grad student) can be transferred back to BS degree program.
  • Concurrent students are charged graduate tuition and fees.
  • Students receiving undergraduate scholarships should check with financial aid to see if their scholarships are undergrad-specific before committing to Concurrent.

  • All CCEE applicants are considered for the funding sources below based on application materials.
  • Graduate Assistantships (MS & PhD)
    • An assistantship is a job in the department working with a faculty member. Please communicate with any faculty member you are interested in working with!
    • Teaching Assistantship: duties include, but are not limited to, preparing new course materials, grading homework, hosting undergraduate help sessions, and lab instruction.
    • Research Assistantship: duties include, but are not limited to literature review, data collection, data analysis and modeling, and reporting for various research projects. Can lead to a Master of Science (MS) thesis or a PhD dissertation.
    • Graduate assistants receive a stipend (paycheck), tuition scholarship and health insurance. For more information, see the Graduate Student Funding
  • Concurrent Student Teaching Assistantships
    • Concurrent students are considered for TA positions while they are in Concurrent status, and can begin their TA role after BS degree is complete.
  • CCEE Scholarships and Fellowships
    • CCEE Scholarships are lump-sum awards granted to students and applied directly to their Ubill.
    • Out-of-state or international students not on assistantship qualify for Graduate Student Scholarships between $3,000-$5,000. These are one-time, non-renewable awards.
    • CCEE Fellowships include stipend and tuition awards.

For more information, see the Graduate Student Funding.

Concurrent BS/MS program

A concurrent bachelor of science/master of science (B.S./M.S.) degree program is available to qualified seniors at Iowa State University.

To be eligible for the concurrent degree program in civil engineering, a student must meet the following criteria: 

  • Have a minimum GPA of 3.2
  • Be within two semesters of graduation
  • Be able to satisfy all graduation requirements for the B.S. when the student is within the last 30 credits of graduation

Juniors and seniors interested in graduate study should:

  • Decide upon a focus area of interest.
  • Visit with a faculty member they are interested in working with to discuss teaching or research assistant opportunities (CCEE Faculty directory by Focus Area).
  • Apply for the Concurrent program when within the last 30 credits of graduation (usually the last 2 semesters).
  • Deadline is January 15th for the next fall semester and August 15 for the next spring semester for first consideration for assistantships. NOTE: apps submitted after the deadline are accepted, but may or may not be included in assistantship consideration.
  • Contact Dawn Miller ( of your interest the Concurrent program. She will create a CyBox folder for your application materials, and include you in the application pool.
  • Your Concurrent application materials should include (send all to Dawn Miller):
    1. Transcripts to date
    2. Statement of Purpose (why you are interested in graduate study and what you plan to do with your degree)
    3. 3 Letters of Recommendation. Send your recommenders this link to the LOR Form, and have them send their LOR to Dawn directly.
    4. Other materials to help your application, such as a resume.
  • The GRE will not be required because you will be a graduate of the CCEE department.
  • International students will not be required to take the TOEFL or IELTS because they will graduate from a US institution.
  • Your preapplication materials will be reviewed by CCEE faculty in your area of interest and the CCEE Director of Graduate Education (DOGE).

  • Identify major professor from faculty in specialization of interest.
  • Plan program with undergraduate advisor and major professor to identify coursework that will complete BS degree requirements and meet MS degree requirements.
  • Document coursework completed for both programs using the Transfer of Courses for Concurrent Bachelor’s/Graduate Degrees. Until this form is submitted, the coursework will only appear on the graduate transcript.
  • After BS graduation, continue the graduate program according to the Master’s degree requirements as described in the CCEE Graduate Handbook, Section 4.1.

Concurrent BS/MBA degree in engineering