Research and Facilities

Student working close up with research equipment.

Have you ever changed someone’s life? Engineers impact the lives of people all over the world every day. ISU CCEE encourages its faculty and students to pursue innovative research. You’ll conduct work in one or more focus areas (transportation, structures, construction, geotechnical/materials, and environmental/water resources engineering). Let’s develop the newest ways to face tomorrow’s challenges.

Research Focus Areas

Explore ISU CCEE’s graduate opportunities as well as our six graduate research areas of specialization. We also offer access to interdepartmental opportunities for graduate researchers.

Our faculty are organized into six different administrative areas of engineering research: Construction engineering and management, environmental/water resources, geotechnical/materials engineering, structural engineering, transportation engineering, and intelligent infrastructure. Click on the corresponding tiles below for more information.

Finally, use our faculty/staff directory to explore faculty research interests, find email addresses and get information pertaining to office hours.

Interdepartmental Programs

Department Labs and Facilities

ISU CCEE’s department labs and facilities are utilized by undergraduate and graduate students, researchers, faculty and professional and scientific staff. Each year, our labs host multiple national and international conferences. Cutting-edge technology is utilized in each departmental facility. All five focus areas boast laboratory space within the walls of Town Engineering Building, and researchers enjoy 24-hour access to many resources. Explore our state-of-the-art facilities below, or contact a laboratory manager for more information.

Computer Labs

Why cram a group project into your dorm room? Use one of Town Engineering’s many student computer labs. These labs are equipped with all the industry-standard software needed for classes, including Autodesk AutoCAD, Revit, and Civil3D, Bluebeam Revu, and Microsoft Project.

Computer support is available through ISU Engineering Technology Support. Submit a ticket for assistance here. The College of Engineering maintains a large repository of software available to students and faculty/staff as well. Find a full list of open labs across campus by visiting ISU Engineering Technology Support Currently Open Labs website.

Teaching Labs

ISU CCEE houses several teaching laboratories within Town Engineering Building:

  • Burns & McDonnell Teaching Laboratory

    When people look at this teaching lab, the first thing that grabs their attention is the open ceiling tiles. Those tiles help teach hands-on construction engineering courses. Students can see the equipment, ductwork, piping and conduit taking up space inside Town Engineering Building. They can also switch out various light fixtures to experience how lighting performance varies.

  • Tom and Ro Jellinger Laboratory

    On September 25, 2010, the CCEE department dedicated the Thomas and Ro Jellinger Laboratory for the benefit of departmental engineering students. Made possible in part through industry contributions, the lab provides virtual site tours, building information modeling, and a conducive learning environment for senior level design courses.

  • Highway Design Classroom

    Primarily used for CE 453: Highway Design, undergraduate students collaborate on highway design projects using professional software in the Highway Design Laboratory. The laboratory is configured with seven cubicles lining the periphery of the room and a set of work tables in the center of the room to facilitate collaborative team activities on projects.

  • Joseph C. and Elizabeth A. Anderlik Teaching Laboratory

    Every civil engineering undergraduate student enrolled at Iowa State is required to take a beginning environmental engineering course in the Joseph C. and Elizabeth A. Anderlik Teaching Laboratory. It also houses several classes for students specializing in environmental engineering. The lab has specialized equipment to analyze air, water and wastewater. This equipment exposes students to current analytical methods for recognizing and solving environmental problems.

  • Geotechnical/Materials Teaching Laboratories

    These laboratories, located in Town Engineering 142, 148 and 160, are utilized by every civil engineering undergraduate student during that student’s time at Iowa State. They host required classes like CE360 and CE382. In these laboratories, students can get hands-on experience with geotechnical and asphalt concrete testing equipment. Recent updates to the laboratories provide students with real-world research experience, right here on ISU’s campus.

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