Research and Teaching Laboratories

Laboratories of ISU CCEE are utilized by undergraduate and graduate students, researchers, faculty and professional and scientific staff. Each year, our labs host multiple national and international conferences. Cutting-edge technology is utilized in each departmental facility. All five focus areas boast laboratory space within the walls of Town Engineering Building, and researchers enjoy 24-hour access to many resources. Explore our state-of-the-art facilities below, or contact a laboratory manager for more information.


Advanced Asphalt Materials Laboratory

Contains equipment to test and develop Superpave (superior performing asphalt pavements), a process for designing and analyzing performance-based mixes.

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Environmental Engineering Research Laboratory

Provides chemical analysis and related training and consultation services.

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Gerald and Audrey Olson Soil Mechanics Laboratory

Provides support for advanced soil mechanics testing, including equipment for low-stress, conventional, and stress-path controlled triaxial testing and conventional and automated consolidation testing.

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Portland Cement Concrete Pavement and Materials Research Laboratory

Provides opportunities to study and conduct research related to PCC pavements and supports the State of Iowa’s national leadership role in pavement research innovations.

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Structural Engineering Research Laboratory

Used by researchers to test bridge loads and find new methods for making structures safer and cost-efficient. Houses the Livesay Structural Materials Testing Laboratory.

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Wallace W. and Julia B. Sanders Structural Laboratory

Houses an 80-by-24-foot reaction floor with 300,000-pound-capacity loading points on a three-foot grid. A 15-ton overhead crane accommodates placement of tall loads.

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Teaching Labs

ISU CCEE houses many teaching laboratories within Town Engineering Building. Notable named labs include the Burns & McDonnell Laboratory, the Tom and Ro Jellinger Laboratory and the Joseph C. and Elizabeth A. Anderlik Teaching Laboratory. Read more about various teaching labs by clicking below.

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