CCEE Reinforced Concrete Beam Contest

Our ISU CCEE students constructed a reinforced concrete beam and we are holding a contest to see who can most accurately predict the maximum load that can be applied to the constructed beam prior to failure. Predictions may be made by experience/guess, hand calculations or computer software. We would like as much participation as possible, so all are welcome. We will rank the entrants in each category (undergraduate student, graduate student, practicing engineer and faculty). Also, feel free to use the Message Board as a forum to discuss the contest.

This website contains information about the contest such as construction drawings, test information, photos and material data. The load is intended to be a increasing monotonic load applied by a hydraulic actuator until failure. The test will take place 04/27/16, which is when the beam will have achieved 28-day strength. To enter your submission please visit this page.


Thank you to everyone that participated. Stay tuned for post-mortem description and announcement of winners!

Beam Contest Load Deflection Results

You may view a video summary of the lab test here

Here are the contest  results, wrap up, and winners!


Construction Drawings

The following document contains drawings related to the beam reinforcement and plan view: Contruction Drawings

For analysis purposes the test is intended to be setup with one end “fixed” and the other with a “roller” support as shown below.

load sketch


Material Data

The following material properties were targeted for the purpose of this beam:

  • fc’(target) = 5,000 psi
  • fy(target) = 60 ksi

Cylinder breaks will take place during 7,14,21 & 28 day strength. Stay tuned for more details related to testing information here.