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Resilient buildings and bridges. Safer roads. Sustainable materials. Innovative construction. Clean drinking water. Intelligent infrastructure. Every aspect of the Iowa State University Department of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering is focused on a better quality of life for Iowa, our nation and our world.

Civil engineers leave their legacy by designing resilient and sustainable infrastructure that impacts us every day and improves the quality of life. The designs must meet the needs of people, often under very challenging conditions.

Construction engineers enable designs to become reality. They participate in teams responsible for developing proposals, managing projects, solving problems and getting the job done using the latest methods.

Environmental engineers develop new and innovative solutions to the problems that directly impact people’s lives such as climate change, water supply, and soil, water and air pollution to create efficient, healthy and resilient systems.

With our Graduate Programs you can expect to gain specialized engineering knowledge as well as an opportunity to create a customized blend of technical and managerial skills necessary to become part of a dynamic workforce.

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