Graduate Student Deadlines/Contacts

Are you exploring the option of applying to Iowa State University as a graduate student? Have you been accepted to graduate school? Below, you will find important deadlines for graduate students applying to ISU CCEE.
If you have questions, look under “Find help for graduate courses based on focus area.” You will see contacts for each specialization area within ISU CCEE. Specialization areas include construction, environmental/water resources, geotechnical/materials, structural, transportation and intelligent infrastructure engineering.
Further questions may be directed to Kathy Petersen, ISU CCEE graduate secretary, by calling (515) 294-4975, or by emailing


Graduate Student Deadlines
Find help for graduate courses based on focus area
Construction specialization
Associate Professor Jennifer Shane
498 Town Engineering Building
(515) 294-1703
Environmental/water resources specialization
Associate Professor Tim Ellis
375 Town Engineering Building
(515) 294-8922
Geotechnical/materials specialization
Assistant Professor Cassandra Rutherford
406 Town Engineering Building
(515) 294-6713
Structural specialization
Professor Sri Sritharan
376 Town Engineering Building
(515) 294-5238
Transportation specialization
Assistant Professor Jing Dong
350 Town Engineering Building
(515) 294-3957
Intelligent infrastructure specialization
Associate Professor Simon Laflamme
418A Town Engineering Building
(515) 294-3162