Graduate Student Deadlines/Contacts

If you have any questions related to graduate admissions or graduate study, please contact the faculty members listed below in your area of interest.

Graduate Student Deadlines
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Construction specialization
Dr. Roy Sturgill
454 Town Engineering Building
(515) 294-3933
Environmental/water resources specialization
Dr. Tim Ellis
375 Town Engineering Building
(515) 294-8922
Geotechnical/materials specialization
Dr. Halil Ceylan
410 Town Engineering Building
(515) 294-8051
Structural specialization
Dr. In-Ho Cho
326 Town Engineering
(515) 294-3241
Transportation specialization
Dr. Christopher Day
352 Town Engineering
Intelligent infrastructure specialization
Dr. Simon Laflamme
418A Town Engineering Building
(515) 294-3162


Further questions may be directed via email to