Graduates Of the Last Decade (GOLD)


Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering Graduates of the Last Decade (CCEE GOLD) is a group of alumni from the Iowa State University Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering (ISU CCEE) department who graduated within the last 10 years. CCEE GOLD provides opportunities to foster relationships amongst members, students, and faculty through professional development, mentoring, and collaboration. Our goal is to create a network of alumni who are actively engaged with ISU CCEE students, faculty, and staff. You can contact us via email at Check out upcoming alumni events to the right.


GOLD Executive Committee & Contacts

Brandon Niebuhr
(BSCE ’15)

Jacob Verry
(BSCE ’18)

Lauren Bockholt
(BSConE ’17, MEngCE ’18)

Group Contact:

Staff Liaison: Alisha Carroll, CCEE Department Outreach Coordinator, 515-294-4635, 306 Town Engr Building

GOLD Objectives
  • Create opportunities for recent alumni to develop relationships with peers, current students, and faculty.
  • Support the mutual interests of recent alumni and the ISU CCEE community.
  • Encourage alumni to contribute their time, talent, and resources to enhance the ISU CCEE community.
  • Enhance the personal and professional skills of recent alumni through a variety of networking, community involvement, and professional development opportunities.
  • Develop and maintain a database of recent alumni from whom the department can draw upon to improve the student experience.