August 2023 | Finalized 25% Schematic Design and will fundraise throughout 2023 and 2024

February 2023 | Initiated 25% Schematic Design

January 2023 | Completed Program of Study for the Building

October 2022 | Developed program narratives and conceptual images

September 2022 | Changed procurement method from Design-Build to Design-Bid-Build

January 2022 Selected HED consultant

November 2021 | Selected design-build bridging consultant

September 2021 | Received permission to proceed with project planning and use of alternative delivery methods approved by Board of Regents

March 2020 | CCEE hired HDR Inc. to develop master plan level program and identify concepts for building renovations and potential addition(s) to Town Engineering, as well as concepts for the Intelligent Infrastructure Facility (IIF).

December 2020 | Project approved for fundraising and project planning and design by CPAC

December 2019 | Study initiation and fundraising approved by CPAC

Fall 2018 | CCEE and FPM conducted a space study for CCEE, met with faculty, staff, and students. Report finalized Summer 2019