Faculty/Staff Directory

Hyungseok David Jeong

  • Associate Professor
  • Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering
  • Director, Data Analytics Laboratory for Project and Infrastructure Management (DALPIM)

Main Office

404 Town Engr
Ames, IA 50011-3232
Phone: 515 294-7271
Fax: 515 294-3845


  • Ph.D. Civil Engineering, Purdue University, 2005
  • M.S. Civil Engineering, Purdue University, 2001
  • B.S. Agricultural Engineering (Civil Engineering specialization), Seoul National University (Korea), 1994

Interest Areas

  • Applications of Data Analytics and Informatics to Project/Infrastructure Management
  • Civil Integrated Management (CIM)
  • Digital Project Delivery
  • Data and Information Integration Models for Decision Making
  • Visualization of information and decisions
  • Infrastructure Asset Management

Brief Biography

Honors and Awards
  • 2016 Best Paper Award, Journal of Construction Engineering and Management, ASCE
  • 2016 Joseph C. & Elizabeth A. Anderlik Faculty Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching, CCEE, ISU
  • 2015 Construction Industry Institute (CII) Distinguished Professor Award
  • 2013 ARTBA Young Executive Development Program Fellow
  • 2012 Williams Foundation Professorship
  • 2010 Construction Industry Institute (CII) Outstanding Researcher of the Year Award
  • 2008 Institute of Industrial Engineers (IIE) Transactions Award, Best Application Paper in Operations Engineering
  • 2007 Chi Epsilon Outstanding Teacher of the Year, School of Civil & Environmental Engineering, Oklahoma State University
  • 1993 Outstanding Junior Scholarship, Seoul National University Alumni Foundation
  • 1990 Admittance Scholarship, Seoul National University (awarded top two new students in the department)

Selected Publications

  1. Guo, F., Jahren, C., Turkan, Y., and Jeong, H. D. (2016), Civil Integrated Management: An Emerging Paradigm for Civil Infrastructure Project Delivery and Management, Journal of Management in Engineering,10.1061/(ASCE)ME.1943-5479.0000491, 04016044.
  2. Abdelaty, A.+, Jeong, H.D., Dannen, B., and Todey, F. (2016) Enhancing Life Cycle Cost Analysis with a Novel Cost Classification Framework for Pavement Rehabilitation Project, Construction Management and Economics, 34 (10), 724-736, Taylor & Francis.
  3. Gardner, B. J., Gransberg, D. D., and Jeong, H. D. (2016) Quantifying Efforts in Data-Driven Conceptual Cost Estimating Models for Highway Projects, Journal of Construction Engineering and Management, ASCE. 10.1061/(ASCE)CO.1943-7862.0001174.
  4. Craigie, E. K., Gransberg, D. D., and Jeong, H. D. (2016) Cost and Scope Breakdown Structure for Functional Level Estimating of Consultant Fees, Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board, No. 2573, Transportation Research Board of the National Academies, Washington, D.C.
  5. Le, T., and H. D. Jeong (2016) Interlinking Life-Cycle Data Spaces to Support Decision Making in Highway Asset Management, Automation in Construction, 64, 54-64.
  6. Pour, S., Jeong, H. D., Liu, T., and Oberlender, G. D. (2015), Impacts of Unit Time Values on Bidders’ Competitiveness in A+B Highway Contracts, International Journal of Construction Engineering and Management, 4 (5).
  7. Park, H., Ting, T., and Jeong, H.D. (2015) Procedural Framework for Modeling Likelihood of Failure of Underground Pipeline Assets, Journal of Pipeline Systems –Engineering and Practice, ASCE.
  8. Lee, K., Han, S. H., Park, H., and Jeong, H. D. (2015) Empirical Analysis of Host Country Effects in the International Construction Market: An Industry-Level Approach, Journal of Construction Engineering and Management, 142(3), 04015092, ASCE (2016 Best Paper Award).
  9. Woldesenbet, W., Jeong, H.D., and Park, H. (2015) Framework for Integrating and Assessing Highway Infrastructure Data, Journal of Management in Engineering, 31(1), 04015028, ASCE.
  10. Alroomi, A., Jeong, H. D., and Oberlender, G. D. (2015), Evaluation of Methods to Retain Cost Estimating Competencies Using Structural Equation Modeling, Journal of Management in Engineering, ASCE.