Undergraduate Research

by Chris Neary | June 9, 2014 1:50 pm

Undergraduate research is an important component of student learning and success. Students work with CCEE faculty members on several leading research areas of civil engineering and construction engineering: construction engineering and management, environmental/water resources engineering, geotechnical/materials engineering, structural engineering, and transportation engineering. Their work develops day-to-day engineering career tasks, an affinity for graduate school research, and key teaching and learning styles beyond the classroom.

Research Projects and Programs

Although no undergraduate research projects have been advertised, discover our faculty’s research areas[1] that may pertain to your interests. Meeting with a faculty member is your first step toward undergraduate research opportunities.

Undergraduate Research

FACULTY – Submit undergraduate research projects


  1. discover our faculty’s research areas: http://www.ccee.iastate.edu/research
  2. University Campus LEED Building Energy Consumption Analysis: A Case Study in Predicted Versus Actual Energy Consumption: http://www.engineering.iastate.edu/engrhonors/award-winning-honors-project-presentations/
  3. Conducted award-winning research on greenhouse gas emissions from land-applied swine manure: http://news.engineering.iastate.edu/2013/05/01/iowa-state-civil-engineering-senior-places-3rd-nationally-for-manure-greenhouse-gas-research/
  4. Learned how bridges are rated for large agriculture vehicles, beyond commercial trucks: http://news.engineering.iastate.edu/2015/02/23/applying-undergraduate-knowledge-to-structures-research-and-quality-management/
  5. Learned about the prevention of ice formation on paved airport surfaces: http://news.engineering.iastate.edu/2014/04/23/students-showcase-work-at-research-symposium/
  6. Learned about the economic haul radius affected by diesel fuel cost in construction: http://news.engineering.iastate.edu/2014/04/23/students-showcase-work-at-research-symposium/
  7. Conducted structural engineering research using 3-D printing: https://news.engineering.iastate.edu/2015/05/06/iowa-state-freshmen-build-multidisciplinary-research-3d-printing-technology-experience/
  8. Learned about water resource conservation by measuring groundwater and surface water exchange at Clear Lake, Iowa: http://www.news.iastate.edu/news/2013/12/12/stemwomen-grads

Source URL: https://www.ccee.iastate.edu/undergraduate-research/