Shops and Labs

by Chris Neary | September 16, 2014 7:19 am

Thank you for your effort in maintaining a safety culture in your shop or laboratory. It is CCEE’s priority to provide clean, safe, and reliable workspaces for your research and technical work.

Contact for General CCEE safety and health questions and concerns: cceesafety(AT)[25]

  1. Review the Iowa State University Laboratory Safety Manual:
  2. Safety Training Curriculum for Laboratory Personnel:
  3. Each laboratory is governed by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Lab Safety Standard:
  4. Eating, drinking, smoking and other behaviors pertaining to consumption are prohibited in laboratories and shops that contain hazardous materials:
  5. Lab Check-in Form:
  6. Lab Checkout Form:
  7. Office of Responsible Research:
  8. Research & Intellectual Property Policy:
  9. Safety & Health Policy:
  10. Waste and recycling guidelines:
  11. Chemical inventory:
  12. SOP Development:
  13. EH&S SOP Library:
  14. Structural labs:
  15. Geotechnical labs:
  16. Hazard Assessment (video):
  17. Laboratory Safety Orientation:
  18. EH&S Safety Summit:
  19. Lab-Specific Training:
  20. Radiation Training Requirements:
  21. Instructor Laboratory Safety Guidelines:
  22. Contact Iowa State University Transportation Services:
  23. Large Passenger Van and Vehicle Towing Trailer Training:
  24. Literature: Prudent Practices:
  25. cceesafety(AT)

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