Wallace W. and Julia B. Sanders Structural Laboratory

by Brady Rebhuhn | October 31, 2012 7:18 pm

Structures Wallace Lab banner[1]

The Wallace W. and Julia B. Sanders Structural laboratory is located in room 130 of the Town Engineering Building.

With almost as much space as the main testing area (164 Town), this lab is a great asset for structural engineering research at Iowa State University. It has an 80-by-24-foot reaction floor with 300,000-pound-capacity loading points on a three-foot grid. A 15-ton overhead crane accommodates placement of tall loads.

Currently, the lab is being used for several corrosion studies and as the work space for the American Society of Civil Engineers Student Chapter Steel Bridge Team.


For more information, please contact Doug Wood, senior engineering specialist and manager of structural engineering laboratories, at dwoody@iastate.edu[2] or by calling (515) 294-3768.

  1. [Image]: http://www.ccee.iastate.edu/files/2012/10/Structures-Wallace-Lab-banner.png
  2. dwoody@iastate.edu: mailto:djwoody@iastate.edu

Source URL: https://www.ccee.iastate.edu/research/facilities/wallace-w-and-julia-b-sanders-structural-laboratory/