Spangler Geotechnical Laboratory

by Brady Rebhuhn | October 31, 2012 7:50 pm


The 4000 square foot Spangler Geotechnical Laboratory includes drilling and test equipment for in situ characterization of soil engineering properties. Drilling operations are carried out in a wide range of soils using a Mobile B-40 Explorer Rotary Drill Rig.

A wide range of Shelby tube sizes and conventional split spoon sample devices are used for specimen collection. In situ testing equipment for soil characterization includes the following:

Spangler Experimentation Site

Researchers at the Spangler Laboratory also have access to a 100 meter by 30 meter outdoor experimentation site.

Site conditions consist predominantly of medium/stiff glacial till soils with a fluctuating GWT of two to four meters.

This site provides students opportunities to observe drilling and in situ testing operations and researchers the opportunity to carry out full-scale load testing of Micropiles, grouted uplift anchors, concrete piles, and other foundation systems. Detailed soil profiles including CPT, DMT, BST, SPT and various soil index properties have been developed for the experimentation site.


Contact Richard L. Handy Endowed Associate Professor David White for more information, 515 294-1463,[2].

The lab’s phone number is 515 294-0695.

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