Environmental Engineering Research Facilities

by Chris Neary | October 29, 2012 2:27 pm

Environmental Engineering Facilities Banner[1]The Environmental Engineering Research Laboratory (EERL) has spacious, well-equipped, and well-ventilated rooms (seven chemical fume hoods in four rooms) on the basement and first floor of Town Engineering, including

Facility Descriptions

The EERL includes two large laboratory rooms with 15-foot ceilings. These laboratories are connected by a 220-square-foot mezzanine level. Removable grating floors on and above the mezzanine level allow researchers to construct research installations requiring up to 30 feet of vertical space.

One pilot plant laboratory is equipped with utilities appropriate for large water tanks and mixing motors.

The other room is equipped with

These laboratories have two to four small, wet chemical benches with full laboratory utilities.

Major Instruments and Equipment

The labs contain the following major instruments and equipment:

Instrument Laboratories

These rooms contain equipment and instruments used to support the research program. They have the utilities and furnishings specific to the instruments they contain.

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