CCEE Computer Labs

by Brady Rebhuhn | July 12, 2012 8:08 pm

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We provide top-notch computer labs with technology you’ll use in the working world.
These labs are available to CCEE students or students taking Civil Engineering or Construction Engineering courses.


Our industry-standard software includes AutoCad, MicroStation, MatLab, Photoshop, WestPoint Bridge Designer and many others. Find out what software and technology is available in each lab.

Find an available computer in any lab

Classes are taught in these labs, but you should be able to find an open lab in Town Engineering to work on your homework throughout the day and night. If not, check which labs are open across campus. Download the free MyState app (developed by Iowa State students and staff) for iOS or Android, which finds campus computer labs available near you. Simply search “MyState” in your smartphone’s app store.

Computer Support

Please do not turn off, add pages to, or open the printers. This can hurt the printers and will not solve the problem.

For printing and other problems, submit a Computer Support Request form or email CCEE’s IT support at[2]. The same applies if the printers run out of ink.

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