Construction Engineering and Management

by Sophie Hayek | June 8, 2011 2:41 pm

Construction engineering faculty and students research an array of construction engineering and management-related topics. Current research projects seek solutions to the three functional areas of construction engineering and management: management techniques, construction operations and construction methods.

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Research Faculty

Kristen Cetin
Assistant Professor
  • Energy efficiency of residential and commercial buildings
  • Smart grid-enabled technologies to improve building performance
  • HVAC performance and fault detection and diagnostics (FDD)
  • Big data analytics, data-driven modeling, and inverse modeling of buildings
  • Energy modeling and simulation
  • Peak load reduction and demand response
  • Sustainable infrastructure
  • Building envelope performance and systems
Doug Gransberg[2]
  • Asset management
  • Construction quality management
  • Cost estimation and cost management
  • Design-build/alternative contracting
  • Pavement preservation, project management
  • Rapid infrastructure renewal
  • Sustainable construction
Charles Jahren[3]
Professor, W.A. Klinger Teaching Professor in Civil Engineering,
Construction Engineering Professor-in-Charge
  • Accelerated construction
  • Construction administration improvement
  • Construction method improvement
  • Rapid infrastructure renewal
  • Road maintenance and rehabilitation
David Jeong[4]
Associate Professor
  • Construction engineering and project management
  • Data and information integration models for decision making
  • Applications of informatics to construction
  • Infrastructure asset management
  • Life cycle cost analysis
Michael Perez[5]
Assistant Professor
  • ¬†Construction stormwater management (erosion and sediment control)
  • Post-construction stormwater management practices
  • Large-scale testing
  • Unmanned aerial vehicle applications in construction and stormwater management
Cristina Poleacovschi[6]
Assistant Professor
  • Knowledge sharing and expertise in construction and engineering organizations
  • Infrastructure planning
  • Marginalization
  • Gender issues in engineering education and organizations
Jennifer Shane[7]
Associate Professor
  • Design-build/alternative contracting
  • Pavement preservation project management
  • Nighttime work zones
  • Rapid infrastructure renewal
  • Risk


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Graduate Degrees Offered (Find the program you would like to apply for)

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