Current Research Projects:

Simulation, Challenge Testing & Validation of Occupancy Recognition & CO2 Technologies (ARPA-E) (Announcement; ISU CoE News )

A Framework for Assessing the Impact of Extreme Heat and Drought Climate Scenarios on Urban Energy Production and Consumption (National Science Foundation #1662691) (Summary; ASME News; CCEE News; Ames Tribune; Link to Project Website)

Bridging the Gap Between Academia and Industry in Approaches for Solving Complex, Ill-Structured Problems (National Science Foundation #1712157) (Summary; CCEE News)

Effect of Dynamic Shading Devices on Daylighting and Energy Performance of Perimeter Zones (ASHRAE 1710-RP) (Poster)

Disaggregation and Future Prediction of Residential Building Energy Use through Data-Driven Modeling (Industry-sponsored) (Poster)

Data-driven Assessment of Energy Efficiency Investment Behaviors of Midwest Residential Homeowners (utility-partnership)(Poster)

Energy Efficiency in U.S. Rental Housing: Adoption Rates and Impact on Rent (internal-funding) (Poster)

Sustainability Analysis of Unpaved Road Construction with Recycled Materials in Council Bluffs, IA (U.S. EPA) (Summary)

Development of Advanced Construction Strategies for Improved Energy Efficiency of Buildings (Iowa Energy Center)

Building Materials for Energy Efficiency: Adaptable Educational Modules (Iowa Energy Center) (Summary)

Big Data for Sustainable Cities Decision Making (Presidential Initiative for Interdisciplinary Research (PIIR)) (news article) (Website)

Full-Scale Demonstration of Heated Portland Cement Concrete Pavement System: Energy and Thermodynamic Modeling (Federal Aviation Administration) (Poster)

Self-heating Electrically Conductive Concrete Demonstration (Iowa Department of Transportation)

Low Cost Rural Surface Alternatives, Phase IV (Iowa Department of Transportation)

Completed Research Projects:

Appliance Daily Energy Use in Residential Buildings: Use Profiles and Model Development (NSF/Pecan Street Research Institute)

Residential HVAC Fault Detection Using Energy Consumption Data (NSF/IBM)

Low-Income Multi-Family Housing Energy Use & Feedback (Pecan Street Research Institute)

Thermal Comfort Evaluation Methodology for Residential Buildings (NSF)

Sea Level Rise – Quantifying Regional Risk Profiles (University of Maryland)