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Donna S. Lutz

  • Assistant Scientist III
  • Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering

Main Office

116 Town Engr
Ames, IA 50011-1066
Phone: 515-294-9720
Fax: 515-294-8216

Email: dslutz@iastate.edu[1]


  • M.S. Water Resources, Iowa State University, 1993
  • B.S. Biology and Environmental Sciences, Iowa State University, 1980

Interest Areas

  • Water quality of reservoirs and rivers
  • Nutrients concentrations
  • E. coli bacteria at beaches
  • Cyanobacteria and algae toxins
  • Gas supersaturation below reservoirs

Brief Biography

Donna Lutz is an assistant scientist in Iowa State University's Department of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering. She manages the Environmental Engineering Water Quality Lab (EEWQL) and directs the Des Moines River Water Quality Network (DMRWQN). Lutz cites this project (sponsored by the Rock Island District Corps of Engineers) as the longest continuous water quality monitoring project in Iowa, if not in the Midwest. Her other interests include encouraging women and girls to pursue scientific study through mentoring and internships.


  • Manage Environmental Engineering Water Quality Laboratory (EEWQL)
  • Direct Des Moines River Water Quality Network (DMRWQN)

Honors and Awards

  • 2016 Iowa State University 35-Year Club member
  • 2007 IOWATER Professional of the Year (Iowa Department of Natural Resources)
  • 2004 Iowa State University Professional and Scientific Excellence Award
  • 1996 Anna Lydia Pate Mentoring Award (Iowa State University Program for Women in Science and Engineering)
  • 1995 Footsteps to Follow Award (Central Iowa Association for Women in Science)

Selected Publications

  1. Schilling, K.E., and D.S. Lutz. 2004. Relation of nitrate concentrations to baseflow in the Raccoon River, Iowa. Journal of the American Water Resources Association 40 (4): 889-900.
  2. Lutz, D. Schultze. 1995. Gas Supersaturation and Gas Bubble Trauma in Fish Downstream from a Midwestern Reservoir. Transations of the American Fisheries Society 124: 423-436. http://home.eng.iastate.edu/~dslutz/dmrwqn/abst.htm[2]

  1. dslutz@iastate.edu: mailto:dslutz@iastate.edu
  2. http://home.eng.iastate.edu/~dslutz/dmrwqn/abst.htm: http://home.eng.iastate.edu/~dslutz/dmrwqn/abst.htm

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