Faculty/Staff Directory

Kristen Cetin

  • Assistant Professor
  • Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering

Main Office

428 Town Engr
Ames, IA 50011-1066
Phone: 515-294-8180


  • B.S. Civil Engineering 2009-University of Maryland, College Park
  • M.S. Civil Engineering 2010-University of Maryland, College Park
  • Ph.D. Civil Engineering 2015-University of Texas at Austin

Interest Areas

  • Energy efficiency of residential and commercial buildings
  • Smart grid-enabled technologies to improve building performance
  • HVAC performance and fault detection and diagnostics (FDD)
  • Big data analytics, data-driven modeling, and inverse modeling of buildings
  • Energy modeling and simulation
  • Peak load reduction and demand response
  • Sustainable infrastructure
  • Building envelope performance and systems

Brief Biography

Awards and Certifications

  • Professional Engineer (PE): Civil Engineering
  • LEED AP BD+C Certified
  • ASCE ExCEEd Fellow, 2016
  • National Science Foundation IGERT Fellowship, 2012 – 2014
  • THRUST 2000 Fellowship, 2012 - 2015
  • ASHRAE College of Fellows Award, 2014 - 2015

Selected Publications

  1. Cetin, K.S. (Accepted). Characterizing Large Residential Appliance Peak Load Reduction Potential Utilizing a Probabilistic Approach. Science and Technology for the Built Environment.
  2. Cetin, K.S., Manuel, L., and Novoselac, A. (2016) Evaluation of the Effect of Technology-Enabled Time-of-Use Energy Pricing on Thermal Comfort and Energy Use in Mechanical-Conditioned Residential Buildings in a Cooling Climate. Building and Environment. 96, 118-130.
  3. Cetin, K.S., Manuel, L., and Novoselac, A. (2016) Thermal Comfort Evaluations for Mechanically Conditioned Buildings using Response Surfaces in an Uncertainty Analysis Framework. Science and Technology for the Built Environment. 22(2), 140-152.
  4. Cetin, K.S. and Novoselac, A. (2015) Single and Multi-Family Residential Central All-Air HVAC System Operational Characteristics in a Cooling-Dominated Climate. Energy and Buildings. 96, 210-220.
  5. Cetin, K.S., Valesco, P., and Novoselac, A. (2014). Appliance Daily Energy Use in New Residential Buildings: Use profiles and variation in time-of-use. Energy and Buildings. 84, 716-726.