ConE ZONE (Formerly “Erector Set”) Request Form

by bbeach | April 16, 2013 9:03 pm

Greetings, ConE Alumni,

It is time once again to collect information for the next edition of ConE ZONE (formerly Erector Set). Through ConE ZONE you can stay connected with the ConE program as well as friends, classmates and faculty.

We want you to be a part of it! Return your data by filling in the form below. Encourage your friends and classmates to submit information as well!

Make a donation to ISU CCEE’s ConE Program

NEW THIS YEAR: We are making it easier than ever to give back. Simply visit[1] to make a donation to the ConE program at Iowa State University.

You’ll have options to designate a gift directly to the Construction Engineering Fund. You’ll also be able to leave any special instructions, set up a recurring gift, or split your gift into multiple payments.

Start helping young construction engineers reach their potential within and beyond Iowa State. Donate today!

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