Master of Engineering

by Chris Neary | August 25, 2011 3:43 pm

The plan of study requires a minimum of 30 credits hours of coursework, of which at least 22 graduate credit hours must be earned at ISU. This is a “coursework only” degree in one of two sub-options below. Please note: NO graduate financial support, such as graduate and teaching assistantships, is available for master of engineering students. However, eligible students may use federal financial aid sources, like FAFSA[1], to pay for tuition and fees.

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Master of Engineering in Civil Engineering with Specialization

Master of Engineering students may specialize in Civil Engineering Materials, Construction Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Structural Engineering or Transportation Engineering.

If you pursue the degree option with an area of specialization, the respective division grad coordinator or major professor is from that area of specialization.

Degree Requirements

Master of Engineering in Civil Engineering without Specialization

If you pursue the degree option without specialization, the respective division grad coordinator or major professor is from any areas of specialization that make up the coursework.

Degree Requirements

Approved civil engineering (C E) Courses for Minor Graduate Credit Outside Specialization Area

Civil Engineering Materials

Construction Engineering and Management

Environmental Engineering

Geotechnical Engineering

Structural Engineering

Transportation Engineering

Transfer Credits

Graduate credits (equivalent to ISU B grade or better) received at another institution may be used towards the master’s degree program but are subjected to the approval of the student’s POS committee and the Graduate College. As stated in the Graduate College Handbook, “at least 22 graduate credits must be earned from ISU.” In addition, no more than 9 credits earned in non-degree status as a graduate student may be used towards a graduate degree [Nine-credit Rule].  Research credits earned at another institution are generally not transferred.

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  4. C E 428 – Water and Wastewater Treatment Plant Design:
  5. C E 446 – Bridge Design:
  6. C E 448 – Building Design:
  7. C E 460 – Foundation Engineering:
  8. C E 467 – Geomaterials Stabilization:

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