Graduate Application Process

by Chris Neary | September 7, 2011 2:01 pm

The graduate application process at Iowa State is “self-managed,” which means that the applicant manages his/her own application.

Application Deadlines

The CCEE department has a rolling admissions process, meaning applications are reviewed throughout the year. For priority consideration for fall semester, applications should be submitted by Jan. 1. For the spring semester, applications should be submitted by July 1.

Please remember that the admission process may take several months to receive an admission decision.

Sending Graduate Application Materials

Required by the Office of Admissions


By mail to the address below:

Graduate Admission’s Office
Iowa State University
100 Enrollment Services Center
Ames, Iowa 50011-2011

Required by CCEE department

Three (3) letters of recommendation are required electronically with your application.

Please Note: The preferred way to send letters of recommendation is through the online recommendation process. Letters of recommendation sent by mail slow down the admission process. If you must submit hard copies of your recommendation letters, send them to:

Civil Engineering Graduate Program
Iowa State University
394 Town Engineering Bldg.
Ames, Iowa 50011-3232

Do NOT send official transcripts or any copies of your transcripts to the Civil Engineering Graduate Program.

You will be contacted by email if any of your application materials are missing.

Due to the volume of applications, please do not call or email asking for the status of your application.  It may take several months for an admission decision to be made.

Important Points

Before you fill out your application, consider these important points:

Questions and Application Status Check

Contact the Graduate Admissions Office[4] with questions about materials sent to the Admissions Office.

Before contacting the department, please read our list of Frequently Asked Questions. If you still have questions, contact the department’s graduate secretary, Kathy Petersen, at about materials sent to the department.

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