Doctor of Philosophy

by Chris Neary | September 7, 2011 3:39 pm

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The doctor of philosophy (PhD) is an advanced, research-oriented degree that can be highly individualized. However, the following credits are required:

Candidates for this degree must complete a minimum of 72 credits of acceptable graduate work, including dissertation research. Dissertation research must account for at least 16 credits.

Approved civil engineering (C E) Courses for Minor Graduate Credit Outside Specialization Area

Civil Engineering Materials

Construction Engineering and Management

Environmental Engineering

Geotechnical Engineering

Structural Engineering

Transportation Engineering

Intelligent Infrastructure Engineering

Transfer Credits

Applicable graduate credits received from Iowa State University for the Master of Science degree can be included as part of a doctor of philosophy program, subject to approval of the Program of Study (POS) Committee. Graduate credits received elsewhere may be included in a doctor of philosophy program subject to the approval of the student’s POS committee and the Graduate College. At least 36 graduate credits, including all dissertation research, must be earned at ISU. Research credits for M.S. degree earned at ISU or at another institution are generally not transferred.

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